The Hero in Me


Aunt May (1’20”) explains why Spiderman is important and must not quit: “Everybody loves a hero”. “People line up for them. Cheer them. Scream their names.  And years later, they’ll tell how they stood in the rain for hours, just to get a glimpse of the one, who taught them to hold on a second longer”. “I believe there’s a Hero in all of us that keeps us Honest, gives us Strength, makes us Noble and finally allows us to die with Pride. Even though sometimes, we have to be steady and give up the thing we want the most. Even our Dreams”.

The Hero in Me

Do you get irritated to watch dishonesty around you?

Do you get tempted to do the same when they go unpunished?

However, if you are able to resist the temptation and continue doing your work with honesty, unscathed by being aware of the fact that you are being seen as an idiot, you are a HERO.

Superman was probably the first social hero and rightly named as super-man. He demonstrated having qualities that are beyond the physical capacity of any ordinary human being. Fiction, however stretched it to unimaginable galactic proportions.

People with academic brilliance, prize winners, Nobel laureates, sportspersons, media and business tycoons, political leaders, world record holders are the socially perceived heroes around us.

Is there recognition for our struggles, sacrifices and endurance for morality? Who peeps into us and checks what’s going on? No one. We are our own policeman. And the level of corruption this policeman indulges defines us.

The super-human qualities in us that keep us afloat need a constant encouragement and appreciation from us to keep us humane. Our laurels, trophies, plaques are invisible to people around us but should be protected and preserved by us.

There is a difference between I am good and I should be good. I am good may be essential for self-confidence, but may land us into an inflated ego and perils thereafter. Whereas, I must be good is a moral challenge and a driving force to keep us on track.

With time the hero in us becomes visible in our talk and day to day work. It is infectious and inspires others to be able to bring out the hero in them.


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