Processing Rejection Naturally

Allow the Natural Transformation !!

Rejection (An event contrary to favorable expectation).

It may be of any kind such as physical, academic, financial or an emotional. Anyone who faces a rejection passes through a set of natural phases.

Our initial response is that of a Denial, unable and unwilling to accept the unwanted change. This is a huge moment where we flood ourselves with why me? it’s not right kind of questions. The longer we stay in this phase guarantees slipping into a self-destructing condition called Depression.

With time there is a change of direction of thoughts and the initial Denial is now converted into Anger. We are angry for either or both reasons such as, how could we let this happen to us and how could someone do this to us. Anger is a response to a challenged or forced self. At this juncture pledge retaliation and revenge. The inner self tries to declare its identity by a show of strength externally. This phase is critical a longer stay in it often gets us engaged in verbal response, violence, malpractice and crime to prove our existential superiority.

With the passage of time, the inner chaos begins to settle down and progresses into a phase of Indifference. Matters relating to rejection slowly start fading away and don’t matter much anymore. We acknowledge the stupidity in our initial response and understand its unworthiness. We step ahead in a direction to negate all that hampers and disturbs us and stops us being us.

While the above phases come naturally, the restitution of self is only when we choose to enter into the next phase where we are able to not only forgive and let go but also are able to bless for good. While indifference is only emptying the negatives, being able to bless is filling with positivity and attaining Peace.

It’s only a matter of time that we will reject the rejection and heal ourselves.

All we need to do is allow it to happen.