Me, My Best friend

I am my Best Friend

We often share our thoughts with people around us expecting a response that satisfies our inner aches. But, do we get it? Most often not. And if we do, its short lived. However, at any given instance one person is always around to give us a patient hearing and give us that desirous direction.

That person is none other than our Own Self!!

Do you talk to yourself? Yes, everyone does.

Aren’t we in a constant company of Ourselves? At all times, in all moods and conditions. It’s only our willingness to be with our own self or not.

We all are in a constant conversation with ourselves. And what do we talk about?

We talk about Everything. Don’t we?

Going by simple convention that we often talk to our friend, aren’t we qualified to be our own friend? We definitely are and need to spend a good time together.

Does that mean we should not have a friend, companion, mentor or a guide outside of us? Absolutely not. We live in a society and we interact. We need them.

However, it is our over-dependence on the outside of us which makes us increasingly weak inside. Seeking opinion is necessary. But do we not once again seek our inner counsel whenever we get an opinion or a direction from outside? We always do. The inner chatter is constant.

Now let us talk about the inner self.

Who is this person we are in a constant talk with? What influences its response? Why does it matter to us?

It needs to be understood that, we protect ourselves naturally. This is an inherent nature. We are programmed to protect ourselves from an external or an internal influence which seeks to disturb our state of well being by default.

Instinctively, we will always take care of ourselves.

Therefore, the response we get from our inner friend is something that would make us negate the forces that bring us down and ease things out. We only need to love and trust ourselves.

You indeed are your best friend for life.

At times it seems to have disappeared, but is only a Silence away.

Be happy with your Own Self.